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Trip To Denver – BlackHawk Down

December 19th, 2009 No comments

Our trip to Denver for the GetAds company Christmas Party was amazing. It was great to sit down with co-workers of mine that I see maybe twice a year and actually talk with them. They are all extremely friendly, down to earth, good wholesome people that I love to call co-workers. I am sincerely blessed to be part of something so special and it has been a great couple of years working with them. George and Pat have encompassed a wonderful environment to work in and a successful model for a successful company, and I am proud to be a part of GetAds.

My theme for this trip was “BlackHawk Down”, not only did we leave empty handed (except for a bad ass Christmas gift), we had an extremely strange departure. Story follows from a previous post:

Our flight was freaking weird.

1. We get into the airport and are going through security where I was politely asked to step to the “baggage checking station.” In my head I’m thinking ok they just looked at something wrong in our laptop case because it was full of wires. He is looking through and deep in the seams of the pouches is a cartridge of razor blades. He pulls them out and I’m like “WTF? Where did those come from?” I honestly thought they were pulling a prank on me. So he just says you can’t have these on the plane and we part ways. Next time I switch laptop bags with my father I will have to check for razor blades or any other paraphernalia.

2. So, we get boarded and sit down in front of these “red neck” looking guys and of course they are loud so we can hear everything they are saying. They start talking about how they are part of a band and they will be opening for Kris Allen and David Cook (American Idol Winners). So we chatted back and forth about nothing. I guess it would be cool if it is true.

3. This girl in front of us was on her cell phone with one of her friends at the front of the plane and was like “WILL YOU ASK HIM TO TRADE ME SPOTS?” (This other girl was in the front of the plane and in a row with leg space) Who really would trade spots to go to the back of the plane in a cramped ass row? Turns out this girl is scared of flying or it is her first time flying, so she wants to sit with her friends. Anyways, she starts having a conniption and was acting all strange. She was wigging out a little bit too during some turbulence and on the landing.

4. After the plane exits the gate and we get to the line to take off I notice the guy next to me shaking his leg really fiercely. As the plane was about to take off, I mean literally turn the jets on, he stands up and starts running to the back of the plane! Jesse heard a stewardess yell “NO, WE ARE ABOUT TO TAKE OFF, GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT!” Same guy came running back and gets in his seat as the plane is accelerating. This guy is doing the worst doo-doo dance ever!!!!!!! He had some people thinking that he was a terrorist and going to jack the plane with my razor blades while doing a dance to the shit god. Anyways, the stewardess comes and says now you can go and he runs her over and takes off to the bathroom. When he gets back all the shaking a poo poo dancing made me have to pee pee. So, I go.

5. During the taxi to our gate after landing, the pilot or whoever comes over the intercom and says we have arrived in Kansas City enjoy your stay. Then we pull up to the gate and he says thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoy Kansas City AGAIN!!!!! So I yell, “DENVER!!!!!” and he comes back over the intercom and says, “I mean Denver.” WTF!

6. Then we get to the rental car and they sold out of Tahoes but they can put us in a Ford Edge, she says it is in D11. We walk out in the cold and BAM… no car. Then, they finally got us into our car and we left. Anyways that was our fun filled travel today!!!

Well here are some of my favorites and as always there is a link to the gallery at the bottom.

My Jesse and I

George, Winston, Daniel

Pat and Amy

Joe saying something interesting, obviously.

The Group

The Exit

More Pictures at this link!

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