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Month of Spending

August 20th, 2009 No comments

As most of you know, I have become quite the tight-wad when it comes to spending money around the house. Jesse has asked for furniture or the permission to buy it herself and I haven’t seen the need. We no longer went out to eat quite as often and we saved and saved. Also, as most of you know, I have been talking about purchasing a car or a truck and I couldn’t weigh out which one. One day I would be saying to Jesse, “You know what I’m buying a truck!” and then the next day would be “I’m buying a new car!” You can imagine the frustration Jesse was building up with my indecision.

Well as fate would have it, after much searching here is our new addition. She is an 08 BMW M3 and she is a beaut! We are such car nuts and it is no secret, so there is one thing that we will spend money on and that is cars.


Here is a pic of Jesse’s car for good measure. As you will notice they are extremely similar and so we have a HIS and HERS.

So since we both had cars we had been talking about purchasing a truck as Twinky’s car and as a grocery getter. So since the market is forcing prices of automobiles to all time lows we picked up a 01 Tahoe for the Twinkster. So now we have a HIS, HERS, and Twinkys 😉

Here is a pic of Twinky’s car.

Since this car was paid outright we have no note and it is our little work horse. We have had so much use out of it already that the investment was well worth it. We have moved furniture and started to clear out the daunting task of Jesse’s storage unit. The last couple of days we have knocked out so much of her storage already that we will hopefully be able to move her furniture into a smaller unit! Twinky is really enjoying his new vehicle because now there is no hesitation to take him to the dog park. It used to be quite the ordeal just to get him in the car and with his favorite bed, also clean up in the coupes are a pain in the butt.

Since this month I have been spending money, I figured a couple of modifications to the cars was in need also. So far I have ordered matte black grills, side grills, and a new rear badge, and maybe some oem 19″ rims. For Jesse’s car I just ordered a new front lip to make her car a little more aggressive.

After this month though … back to penny pincher Edwin.

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