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Post for the weekends that have past

June 30th, 2009 No comments

The last couple of weeks have been a bit out of control as far as going out and hanging by the pool. Thanks to Chris Corrales I have a new logo but he says he is not finished with it. He looked at my old one and said it needed some help… ahha. I learned some new things with vectors and with my Adobe CS3 package that I didn’t know existed.

These last few weeks I have had to setup a corporation for the income I have been receiving from work, in order to save myself some money when the tax man come to rapeth. I don’t trust the government to give more tax breaks. I think we are falling into a hole and it isn’t a permanent fix for what this administration is doing. People are still retiring at faster rates and I think the government will have to tax more and more. More on this later.

Anyways, if anyone needs help setting up corporations let me know. It was fairly easy to do but I can help for a fee or beer ;). It is usually 1200-1500 bucks to set it up through other companies. I will never charge that much or will I (jokes).

On a fun note, my dog has learned to swim and not be scared of the pool. Although the gate says “No Pets Allowed” and a maintenance man told me they would have to flush the pool if they saw pets in the pool, Twinky wanted to swim. So the other day Jesse and Krystal were in the pool and Twinky “slipped” in. After that he was pretty hooked. I’m sure Jesse has a video of him getting his swim on. He is not my pet he is my son and I like to think of him that way. Except I probably wouldn’t lock my son up in a crate while I was at work or maybe I should. Perhaps I should work on my future parenting skills now.

We have had many nights out this month and lots of fun times by the pool. The big grill has come out to the pool twice which dwarfs the grills out by the pool. If you got toys, use them! The burgers, ribs, and other fantastic meats have been cooked and devoured. If you would like to join us by the pool anytime, just give us a shout.

Here are some of the pictures since the last post. I will try to blog on more daily stuff. Sometimes I think people just hate reading about boring stuff. Then there are the stalkers that just look for pictures 😉

Let me know what you think of the logo.


The Blue Fish

Jesse and I @ Bluefish

Jesse and Maria (I think someone tooted)

Mike and DP

Lewis doing some advertising for Kirin 😉

Our Blue Fish Group… I’m not important so I can be real blurry!

Chris B and Jesse

Lawton and His Dad Richard

Da Boys at Mac Karoke

Us at Mac

Sieger is such a goodboy. He knows all his commands in German, He got along with Jesse really well

Freddie creepin in on the Frosty Paws

Freddie getting his swagger on about to jack someones Frosty Paw

Twinky smiling for the camera

Rhea and Lola

Do you see Freddie? That dog is huge!

Taylor posing for the camera!

The girls out by the pool

Alex not liking the heat but ready to see some MX.

Flying High

Nanook enjoying the pool party

More to come keep coming back!

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More to come

June 24th, 2009 No comments

I will post a big post in just a little bit. First I have to help the gf clean and eat some lunch =)

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This post should be on the news!

June 24th, 2009 1 comment

Should you make it through all this you deserve to live a few extra moments.

It was a sunny beautiful day about three weeks ago, Daniel (our neighbor) and I were with the dogs in the pool area just chit-chatting as we normally do. A few moments later Twinky and Freddy are badgering a gentleman at the other end of the pool so we walk over. We introduce ourselves and he says that his name is “umm… Scott!” We exchange our greetings and extend an invitation to hang out at our BBQ’s and what not. During the conversation he says he lives in building 3310 or something to that effect. Automatically I calculate in my head that there is not apartment of that number, but give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to that he just moved in.

He described himself as a marine recruiter and that he has/had a girlfriend who was a teacher in Plano. He said that he just moved up to Dallas from Austin and that he did not really know too many people. About this time Sarah (our other neighbor) walks out and commends him for being a military man. The rest of the conversation was much of a blur because I was trying to run some energy out of Twinky. Later on in the week we caught up with him again at the pool area and we decided to bbq and chill. We all exchange stories and some of his stories didn’t completely add up. One night, Tommie and Daniel called him out on his age even. There were many things that seemed quite shady but for some reason we all decided to blame it on alcohol or stupidity. He had mentioned to Jesse that his camera was stolen out of his car and that it was worth $7,000. He also started to mention other thefts around the area and that he chased some guys down trying to steal items out of one of his neighbors cars. Around this time I learned that his last name was Parker, and now I know that his name is Scott Parker.

As time went by we hung out more and more and he even took Sarah’s boys to their games, bought tons of food from Whole Foods, and even offered to take us all on a camping trip. He was at my place a couple of times and he even used my bathroom two or three times. Scott had our attention as friends but yet there always lingered a cloud of doubt of what he was really about.

The doubts were as follows. One day after the apartment number was declared I decided to look to actually see if there was even an apartment that started with 33xx. There was no such apartment number. Also, why was it that he always drove to the pool if he lived in the complex. He would always talk about his sister and girlfriend but no one ever met them. He never seemed to work and his job was a marine recruiter but we never really got to know if that was the truth. His age fluctuated from 28, 36, and 37 quite a bit depending on who he was talking. I’m sure I’m missing something but the truth was far from being told.

During a party one night, our neighbor got into a little verbal argument with Scott and tempers flared up. After the scuffle things calmed down and I talked Scott down. Later on that evening after the bbq items had been put up and the party died down, our neighbor’s GF noticed someone walking back and forth outside of their apartment windows. Freaked out she had Ashton call 911. After some searching they found Scott in the apartment across from us and adjacent to their place. This apartment was vacant and has been for about a month. The police found lock picking tools along with drug paraphernalia. After this, Jesse does some super sleuthing and looks up Scott’s VIN number on his vehicle using the internet. Apparently, this car seemed to be stolen sometime last year. Also, this car was not registered to a Scott Parker either. Upon further inspection of his vehicle Jesse noticed that the 8, on the inspection sticker, had been whited out to look like a 9. Pretty crafty fella if you ask me.

Later on this afternoon I get a call from Daniel, “Ummm… I think you might want to come over here, there is something you probably want to hear!” I quickly tell Jesse and walk over to Daniel’s place. Daniel had spotted an officer checking out Scott’s car and shouted out to the kind officer. Upon arriving at the scene the officer let us know that there had been a recent burglary that day. In hind site, while cleaning our cars Jesse saw a Ford Taurus with a LCD just hanging out of the back of the trunk. At the time she did not think anything of it because there are people that use their cars to move around here all the time. Well, the tv was definitely the burglary victim’s and the officer let us know that the car got away. Anyways back to Scott’s Car. The car was stolen and in jail there was not a Scott Parker, there was a Kevin Miracle.

This opened a whole door of revelations about who he was. He has been a con since we first met him. Most likely he was scouting our places and wanted to rob us at some point. He also had keys and all sorts of other items on him that linked him to being a burglar.

Fortunately for the rest of this post there is I’m too lazy too finish ahhaa. BUT I will say that he is in county and should be there for a while longer.

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Weekends of Fun!

June 4th, 2009 1 comment

I had no idea May would be such a thriller of a month. This last month held my mothers 59th birthday and fish fry at the Terry’s House in Wichita Falls, FC Dallas, Byron Nelson and a bunch of miscellaneous parties. We had much to do to prepare for all events. After much debate about what to do for dinner on the night of my mother’s birthday we decided to have a family steak night at our place. Therefore the grill was lit and the steaks were seasoned and Jesse made some of her famous sides. As our guests arrived the house had a nice glow and was squeaky clean. We proceeded to dinner and everything went so well and I felt it was one of our better dinners.

Later that night we finished preparing a cake for Kristen’s 25th birthday and it was no easy feat. This cake was already 2 days in the making and hours of hearing the mixer in the kitchen drone on during my season finale of Grey’s, I was ready to finish it. As Saturday morning arrived we packed up and headed to Wichita Falls and had an amazing weekend with amazing food and fun. The usual Yankee horseshoes and other games were scattered across the yard. Needless to say the beer was flowing and I think I passed out around 10:30. There was much more so please look at the pictures.

We also went to an FC Dallas game that was so amazing and such a thrill. We met some very nice people that loved to travel and we were completely amazed by it all. Jarrett one of our newest neighbors, also came out as he enjoys watching futbol. Austin and Paige were cute as always and thank you for inviting us. Everyone that was there was more than gracious and I think Jesse might have found a new fan. He quite enjoyed her burps and her knowledge of soccer!

Then there was our Pho making encounters and some other fun time events. I will try to keep my blog up to date. SINCE most of you like pictures I will put up some of my favorites!

BUT Click Here for all the albums to just view!

Jesse outside our Pho – Party!
Scuba’s Moto – Pho – Party!

Jesse’s Bowl of Yummy Goodness – Pho – Party!

Haley Smiling Ear To Ear! Byron

The smiling couple =) Byron

I don’t remember his name (Mike’s Nephew), BUT so CUTE Byron

Jesse having fun with one of the pups Byron

Nanook and Twinks Done! Post-Byron

Daniel and Jesse with the pups! Post-Byron

Great Party, Thanks Nam Family – Byron

The die hard soccer fans – FC Dallas

Jesse and I – FC Dallas

Paige and Jesse on the Hummmaaaaaa. – FC Dallas

Austin cheering the beer? – FC Dallas

Tail Gating is always fun – FC Dallas

My favorite photog … Kind of ish.

Little Lexi – Fish Fry

Top of Jesse’s Cake For Kristen – Fish Fry

Tristan out the doggie door – Fish Fry

My parents – Our house

Dad smelling my mother’s bday gift – Our House

My sister’s present to my mother – Our House

There is so much story to all the pictures and I wish I would have kept up with what was going on by blogging. I will do my best from now on to make sure I keep up with my daily picture life!

Thanks again for reading.