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Party the Kenyan Way!

April 28th, 2009 No comments

Jesse was requested to make a cake that was pink and boy did she deliver!  The cake was amazing and tasted fantastic.  The cake was for a party and was to be debuted at Samina, Jamilla’s daughter, birthday party.  Samina was looking like a princess with her pink and her little tiara.  When we arrived we found an assortment of meats and food which sings to our hearts, of course, we dug in.  I have had lamb, deer, and other game meats but this was my first excursion with goat meat.  It was amazing, it tasted like brisket but more tender and a slightly bit more stringy.  The goat had a little bit of saltiness and it tasted perfect.  As the night progressed we met many people and the picture taking went rapid.  For the first time in my photography history my hand actually started to get tired from holding the camera.  The family at the party was not hard to shoot since no one was camera shy at all!  The kiddos were so stinking cute I absolutely had to snap many of them.  Samina made out like a bandit with all her amazing presents and we walked out of the house full of cake, beer, and amazing food!

Happy Birthday Samina and congratulations on the new house Mula and Jamilla!

As usual the pictures can be found at!


Samina Getting Ready to Cry/blow her candle out =)

Loving the Cake

His face is sooo Cute

Happy Bday Samina

Grandpa and Samina

She was modeling for me

Such a good time and thanks again guys, it was fun and delicious!

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Vote Yes Prop 1

April 23rd, 2009 No comments

For those that are worried about where our Dallas tax dollars are going, we are in a budget short fall and they STILL want to build a $500 million hotel.  I have a question, WHO COMES TO DALLAS!?  No one is even traveling because of the troubles with money. ugh.

Press Room

DMN: Dallas slashes millions from budget; more possible

The city of Dallas has slashed tens of millions of dollars from its budget to keep pace with dramatic declines in revenues that are even worse than city leaders feared.

City Hall now projects it will be $41.5 million short for the fiscal year ending in September.

In response, City Manager Mary Suhm has cut deeply into some departments and relied on savings in others to balance the budget, according to a memo she sent to the City Council late Friday.

Sales tax revenues alone are projected to be $20.3 million less than budgeted, the memo said. The city also will earn $2.8 million less than projected in interest.

“Other major revenue sources projected to be below budget are Ad Valorem Tax revenues, Municipal Court fines, Red Light Camera fines, Private Disposal fees, revenue from re-sale of recyclable paper and cardboard, and sale of surplus property,” Suhm’s memo said.

Many city departments have undergone cuts to balance those projected losses.

Street Services, the department that patches potholes and performs other necessary road repairs, must lower its $38.5 million budget by nearly $4 million.

Sanitation Services, which runs the city’s garbage trucks, has lowered its $79 million budget by $3 million.

The Police Department’s original $424 million budget will be lower than projected by nearly $3 million.

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April 22nd, 2009 No comments

Today, our President discussed our future as once again regaining control as a large producer of energy. Even though we pioneered solar technology and other technologies, we have now fell behind other countries. Almost 25% of our imports is foreign oil and energy and that is high. This is one of the first times I have agreed with the new President and I believe tax dollars should go to this cause.

My worries are of where the billions he plans to spend are going to come from. Your personal income tax may not be hit hard but the companies you work for will be slammed with taxes. Government spending is a black hole and they really need to shut it down to get a hold of our voracious appetite for spending money. Wasteful spending will only incur more debt and more debt means we have to pay off our debt to other countries like China. There are many scenarios and taxation seems to be the only way Obama wants to solidify our stance in this slumping economy. I however hate that the money is coming from taxes but I would rather it come from taxes then the government printing more money to cover putting us in an even worse position. Printing more money cheapens our dollar to everyone else. Pretty soon we will have to pay the price of serious inflation in this situation. I do not agree with more taxes either because of the lavish spending spree this government wants to procure. So something has to give and I wish it wasn’t our tax dollars. It is too bad that the government is more interested in spending then cutting back.
A perfect example is the tax-payer hotel. I will (pending my voter registration card gets to me in time) be voting against this proposed hotel. Imagine paying for a hotel that you really don’t own a part of, nor can you stay in for free. Then when it fails you will have to pay for the upkeep of the hotel and not to mention any interest for loans the city may pull. It is ludicrous and anyone that says it will benefit the city really needs to question the motives of the hotel. I BET Lepert and all the other city officials want a nice hotel to stay in for free, but you and I are SOL.

Lepert… THE TRINITY PROJECT IS A WASH!!! Stop trying to project it on something else… it won’t help the city but it would help you.

Ok bye.

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The weekend was so nice

April 20th, 2009 No comments

Alynn and Noel drove down on Friday to come stay the night with us because Alynn had to catch an extremely early flight to Minot, ND. Jesse and I had a little surprise for them in the form of a Korean BBQ at our place. Eventually we called in some reinforcements by the name of dpmeadows! We got about half way through the food and had to call it quits due to being completely stuffed.

Saturday, Jesse had to work and we had a little tiff so I went to Daniel’s place and we hung out in the garage working on his bike. Of course, Jesse and I made up and it was all good. We called up Chris Corrales to see what he was up to and we convinced him to come down and stay the night. He brought some car parts with him for me to install and we went to work on it Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the parts were barely off and after a couple of hours of driving back and forth to the store we could not make it fit. So Chris’s Car did not get the upgrade that he had wanted =(. We will eventually get the mods on his car.

After finishing putting Chris’s car back together we left to go meet up with Austin, Paige, and Andrew to watch an FC Dallas game. We had a great time and since we both love soccer we will surely make it out to other games. Although we won I have to give props to the Canada team for their crisp passing and extremely aggressive defensive play. FC Dallas was good at making runs but seemed to lack a good midfield and getting into open spaces to create more opportunity. We won in the form of PK, but a win is still a win. At the game I became a fan of the Dallas Football Club. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Click here for the albums

The Yumminess is oozing through the picture

Grilling it up!

Steamy satisfaction

The “ban chan” =)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Soccer Game!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of FC Dallas! I became an FC Dallas Fan.

With the hottest FC Dallas Girl.

Austin and Paige

Watching this energetic game

Jesse and Paige


Watching number 5 Saragosa haha.

Night comes and the lights are bright

We had such a blast and here is the link to all the albums ENJOY… We DID!

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