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WFalls Weekend!

March 30th, 2009 No comments

Jesse, Twinks, and I packed our bags and left for Wichita Falls, TX to visit the Terry’s for Madison’s 3rd Birthday. When we arrived dinner was being prepared by Keith and Kristen. Before I could count to 3, I believe I had a beer in my hand and Noel was smiling down on me. Well, recently I was going to stop drinking but I couldn’t help not having a couple of tasty beverages with my ole buddy. So after a couple down, Madison opened her presents and *cried* out her candle. She was adorable as always and her big sis Erin helped her open her presents. We had a fantastic weekend and always enjoy our visit to the Falls. Next time I will have to pack some anti-hangover meds.

Here are some pictures for you readers that skip words and go to pictures. 😉

Album For Our Visit

Madi excited about her gift!

Madi plaing with her Barbie Guitar

Erin’s turn

Cried Her Candle Out

Job was done, wishes were made

My sexy lady

Go Eagles!

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Party To Start Spring

March 25th, 2009 No comments

The party was a success until an uninvited neighbor called the “po-pos” and we had to wrap it up. No big deal though, it isn’t like we are all high school kids that see the cops and run out of the house looking for a friend to give us a ride to Whataburger. The weather was perfect, the food was spectacular, and even better was the company of our friends. Jesse and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start spring with you all. I have the weirdest cuts on my hands and of course Jesse has a body full of aches (for those that missed her wheelie, it was awesome). Daniel also got a new French Bulldog, yet to be named, but cute as a button. So far I like the name Fred. If you have any suggestions let me know and I will pass it on.

Click Here For Albums Of The Cook Out
Click Here For Albums Of The Fred

And here are some of my favorites, starting with the Fred.


Fred!!!! Again!

Twinky being cute.

Jesse’s Poor Hand after her wheelie.

Picture just looked fun.

Good luck in San Diego Scott!!!

Jesse and I playing Soccer

She schooled me or did I school myself…Save the Beer.

Is she grimacing or grrr’ing at me

Richard and I

We tried to get a picture at the beginning of the night but we settled for after.

There are so many more pictures, please view them at the links above. Thank you guys for making it such a wonderful party.

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Crawfish Boil!

March 20th, 2009 No comments

So if we have forgot anyone that happens to read this site. The Spring Crawfish Boil at our place is happening this Sunday at 2pm. Shoot me an email if I have forgot you or give me a call. IT WILL BE A BLAST.

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How awesome is this… My gf’s name on Extra with Mario Lopez

March 14th, 2009 No comments

While we were slaving away in the kitchen over fondant and mounds of powdered sugar Jesse got a text from a friend in Wichita Falls. Well, Candi (Jesse’s Friend) is getting “her nails did” and the TV happened to be tuned to the show EXTRA. She sees and hears “Jessika Gans” and she thinks surely there is no Jessika with a K and a last name Gans. Well sure enough, Jesse had won 2nd place in the Philadelphia Extra Cream Cheese Contest.

Here is the link to the video: Video On Extra

She is super stoked Mario Lopez said her name. Jesse thinks that she lost because she didn’t show her face in the video. I’m sure she had the first place girl beat in beauty 😉

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