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Twinky aka Twinks aka “TWINKY NO!” aka cuddle bug aka “GET DOWN” ;)

January 28th, 2009 No comments

Today has started off slow but the time flew by for some reason. Jesse had the day off so we watched some tv and cooked some breakfast. Work has been a little slow the last two days but I’m sure it will pick up as soon as we get some bugs worked out.

We are blessed to have a little mutt named Twinky that we are obsessed with. We treat this little pup as if he were our own child and he is some what spoiled. For those that don’t know the Twinkster here is a list of traits that describe him: energetic, curious, center of attention, quirky, half blue eye, sleepy, cuddly, talks back, playful, sings, #2s and #1s when you make him mad, loyal (sometimes), rarely barks, sniffs in places you don’t want to be sniffed ;).

I am still learning so much about photography and he unfortunately the subject of many of my pictures. I’m sure he gets more flashes in his face then a superstar. Here are some of the pictures I took of him! Dedicated to our puppy Twinks!

If you go through our albums I’m sure you will see the ones dedicated to him :).

Twinks and His Snowman Buddy

I got him daddy!

My bed you guys sleep in the kennel

My buddy and me!

Mommy brush my teeth if my breathe is bad geez.

Posing for my papa

Seriously that is enough

I miss my momma! Go away.

Take me out please!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my mug 😉

Puppy paw peace out!

I think he is the cutest dog, my opinion might be biased though.

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I want to fly

January 26th, 2009 1 comment

I’m not surprised that this would happen but how naive is our government to let corporate tycoons take our tax dollars and just run with it. Some of us drive cars more than 10 years old and yet Citi has to sell TWO of their older jets(which haven’t sold yet) and get a newer one with our tax dollars. Have they ever heard of AA or Delta? What a bunch of jerks to not cancel an order that was in the making. I’m sure a small deposit lost is less than $50 million. Some one on a forum said the government has a lien on that plane and if they don’t pay that money back we should repo that sob. I agree. 😉

Just an after thought, where does my tax money go? All I have seen is a corporate bail out for financial markets and for auto sectors, and an expensive inauguration. I see inflated wages for government officials, and extremely wasteful spending. I’m not a cheap-o but just yesterday I griped at Jesse for using too much paper and tape on something that could be simplified and done “prettier.” Eventually I think she agreed. Why can’t government and corporations take this approach? To fly a Jet you need some where to store the plane, fuel, pilots, destination(s), rental cars (limos), hotels and much more. How much of it could simply be done over a phone call or a video-conference. Apparently, the only people buckling down in this economic crisis is anyone making chump change compared to these corporations or government officials. If they really cared they would fly coach and maybe even bear the lines at the airport, we all do, so should you. I wasn’t really for the bailouts because I think there would be 10 smaller companies that would step-up to the plate should all these companies fail.

“Chip maker Intel Corp., for example, requires executives and employees to fly commercial. Intel occasionally charters jets for executives on overseas trips for security reasons, though.” — This is what I’m talking about!

Done ranting, back to work.

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San Diego

January 19th, 2009 1 comment

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. Mike and Katherine the wedding was spectacular! It was elegant and the day was perfect! You both looked amazing and welcome to our family Katherine! Cousin Mike you are married finally. I wish you two the best and hopefully we will see you guys again soon.

It was so good to see my mother’s side of the family since it has been too long since the last time. Some of my cousins I have not seen in at least 10 years. Julie, Viv, Mike, Edward, Mike, Jay, it was so good to see you guys again and everyone looked so good. The kiddos are so cute and you all made such lovely children and have such great families. I’m guessing the good genes are being passed along 😉

So about San Diego for all my friends that were not able to come along, it was perfect. We escaped the Texas chill of 20 degrees in the shade of night only to arrive in California for 80 degree weather. We picked up our car from Alamo and went to feed our insatiable appetites. We arrived at the Hash House and as you walk in there is a very hip attitude about the place. There is random objects on the wall with some lower ceilings and small modern touches with mood lighting that make this venue very interesting. It is a New York venue disguised in a California Art Deco Building. We sat on the exterior patio and looked at the massive menu. As we were waiting for the food we had some fantastic mimosas and we stared at plates of food being served to other tables. Needless to say, our jaws fell to the floor when we saw the portions of pancakes, waffles, and various other breakfast and non – breakfast food.

After our extreme breakfast we headed to the hotel to relax due to the lack of sleep we had the night before. Driving down the interstate we noticed the massive hills, palm trees, and beautiful settings. We truly are jealous of those that get to live in such a beautiful place. As we arrived in Del Mar we made a wrong turn and explored the Torey Pines area which was nothing short of amazing. With the Sunroof back and the sun in our face we cruised around looking at the great scene and soaking it all in. We made a u-turn and found our hotel.

As we pulled up into the small resort we were greeted by an amazing set of Valets and Employees. We stayed at the L’Auberge Del Mar which also like the rest of our trip so far was spectacular. The hotel staff was very helpful and even gave us a disposable shaver 😉 We went to our room and we were in complete shock. The room was lavish, inviting, and homey. The patio opened up to the pool/restaurant area with a great view of the ocean. I believe the next 10 words out of Jesse’s mouth were “WOW!” After we relaxed a little bit we decided to go down to the beach, but we did not bring any “beach” clothes.

So, we trekked out to the little shopping areas in Del Mar to find our gear. Jesse found a nice little boutique where she found a little sun dress and some flip-flops and I only needed some flips to wear out to the beach. We went to Rusty’s and I found the size I needed. As we are walking down to the beach my left sandal began to feel tighter on my foot than my right. I glanced down to do a small check and they seemed the same. We walked further and I realized that there was something terribly wrong with my left sandal. I took them off and held them up together and noticed that the left sandal was an inch smaller than my right! GREAT. So we went back to the room after our short walk down the beach and began getting ready for the fabulous rehearsal dinner.

While we were getting ready I tried to find the address and the name of the establishment for the dinner and some how wrote the address wrong. As we left the hotel (where the rehearsal is) we noticed some Korean guys getting into a car in the valet line. We were like they must be going to the place where the wedding rehearsal dinner is going to be. As we followed them we tried to input the wrong address into the navigation and began getting frustrated. Unfortunately, they made a quick turn and I was unable to follow. There was a “n” not an “m” in the address and therefore the navigation (supplied by scott h…life saver btw) did not pick up on the street. After the correction we found the place with no problems. We had dinner at the Osteria Romantica in La Jolla and it was also fantastic Italian food. We were so pooped we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

Saturday, day of the wedding we got ready and the wedding started at 11:45a.m. Somehow we were the latest ones there and we were only a floor away :(. I think it was my fault though. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was held in another room of the hotel. The food was quite good and we drank plenty. After the wedding we went to dinner across the street at a Seafood restaurant and then headed back to the hotel for some drinks.

Day Three we had to head home and we made it back just fine. Daniel picked us up with the Twinkster in his car and it was so good to see my little dog again!

The Trip was a fantastic Success and I recommend San Diego as a vacation for any couple!

I will post about the food in a future blog, I have to let my palette rest for a couple of days!

****Be Sure to check out these Albums!!!!!!****
For Part I Album
For Part II Album

You can either buy the pictures on the site by closing the photo show, or you can email me and let me know which ones you would like me to email. Look at the contact info to the left.

My babe FULL from the Hash House A Go Go…That place was ridiculous.

Gah! 7 Bucks for a bottle of water!? Nice room though.

The beach.

Jesse coming down to the beach.

On the beach.

Jesse and I

View from our patio

View From our patio during the day

My parents and sister

Such a beautiful wedding

Mike and Katherine have left the building!

My Fam

Jesse and I … Man I’m chubby.

My Father and Sister

My Babe and I

Jesse and I


This picture makes me laugh!

Fun with Uncle Mike!

Jesse and Wendy!

Awwww =)

Being gooooofy

Unity Sand =)

Our fun weekend rental!

I want to go back!

Thanks again for visiting!

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Done and Done

January 18th, 2009 No comments

Got home about an hour agoooo … super tired and I don’t want to get off my recliner yet. I will upload the pictures tonight and give you the whole story of our trip tommorrow. A bit tired and my brain hurts at the moment. What a beautiful trip.


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