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Seth and Anna

December 31st, 2008 No comments

ANNA thanks for stopping by and physical location in Las Colinas. We appreciate the visit 😉

Seth is sooo stinking cute if you don’t believe me look below and then go to the album!

Click Here For the Album

Seth Being Seth!

Twinks on Seth on Anna

Seth’s Face =o

Thanks for coming by you guys!

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Eagles VS Cowgirls

December 31st, 2008 No comments

Unfortunately the Cowboys had to play the Philadelphia Eagles this past week. Surrounded by cowboys fans I had a slight suspicion that the Eagles were outnumbered this day. I’m guessing that somewhere between the coin toss and kick off the Cowboys found themselves at a loss. The eagles soared to a huge victory and left the Cowboys out of playoff contention. I was very uplifted since the last game was not anything to brag about. Anyways here are some pictures!

Click Here For the Album

Twinks, Jesse, Me, and Roxy having a relaxing time watching the eagles win!

Austin Teng eating some burgers for the loss 😉

Smiling because the burgers were better than the cowboys


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Christmas Dinner with the Kim Family!

December 30th, 2008 No comments

A couple of nights ago we went to Korean BBQ for dinner with my family. It was good to see Chris, Alyssa, Chris, Judi, Wendy, Mom, Dad, Uncle, and my aunt. After one exciting dinner feast and a couple of sips of Soju later it was time to open presents. We got something for everyone and I hope they all liked their gifts! Jesse did really good on her gifts and mine were obviously done last minute (because I am a guy). Anyways here are some pictures of our fun evening!

Click here to see the album

Jesse and I

Chris and Chris

She tastes so good

Mom and Aunt

Uncle and Dad

Dad dancing with the lettuce

Wendy and Judi

Me and Chris

The girls!

Chris and Alyssa’s Diaper Genie

Dad opening his present

Chris opening his present =)

After our fulfilling dinner we made our way to the Mozart Cafe and tamed our stomachs with Coffee. After some conversation Jesse and I left to go to Bar[a] with Wendy and Judi and closed the night there. It was a great time and it was good to see some old faces.

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We Win

December 28th, 2008 No comments

So my number 1 team played my number 2 team and what was supposed to be a close game was a blow out. GO Eagles!

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