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November 27th, 2008 No comments

So with the holidays coming up Jesse and I decided it was time to get some running shoes and start getting back into shape. I don’t want to be muscular like I have always wanted to be. I just want to be lean and fit, and be able to eat what ever i want! We bought some running shoes that take the Nike+ device and it is awesome. I suggest it to anyone that buys Nike+ shoes. It is like a built in pedometer.

Anyways, MY SISTER IS IN TOWN! We had such a yummy dinner with the family and it was so delicious. Thank you Chris and Chris for letting us come to your house and eat! I finally got to meet my cousin’s daughter who is 3 weeks old. Does this mean she is my cousin, niece, or cousin/niece? She is sooooo pretty and all she did was eat, sleep, and burp while we were there ;). We picked up Wendy and it was extremely good to see her again. It has been a while since I have seen my sister! The family gathered to play some squares for the cowboys game, which was a blow out. We had to leave at the third quarter to come home to walk the dog. Jesse and I setup our little ipod + nike+ deal and went for our walk and jog. It was awesome. I’m still trying to figure it out but so far it is a keeper for sure. Anyways, I will post up some pictures of today in a little while.

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My mother, me, my aunt!

Baby Alyssa

My cousin and his daughter =)


The Spread

Chris’s Chris’s Niece

My Sister, Mom, and the baby!

Jesse and Chris

Such a gooooood meal and good time!!!!!!!

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November 20th, 2008 1 comment

So Jesse and I have decided that it might be about the right time to buy a house together. Given the current market situation and the couple of good months at work, it would be a financially good choice and it is the perfect time. We are currently looking into areas close to Irving which include Coppell and Carrollton. We are excited for Twinks to actually have a yard that he can play in and have his own little dog house (made by his wonderful father Edwin). I will update you on the process. Cheers!

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Casino Blues

November 10th, 2008 1 comment

This weekend was an absolute beating, financially and physically. Friday night Jess and I had no interest in going to the casino and we though it would be a cheap fun-loving weekend. We had made plans to perhaps go out of town, but as the last week progressed it just seemed too daunting of a task. So, our plans were to clean our place and relax with some wine and maybe hang out with the Tengs. Well as situation had it, Scott and Lana get a hold of me on AIM and they say that they are going to the Casino. Well, my interest was to save some money and buy stuff later or what not, and I was not really in the mood to go. I told Scott there was about a 20% chance we may go. I had no concrete plans as of yet so everything is in the air. I guess somewhere between “hey babe” and “casino” Jess was all about going. We left at 4, and got back the day after. Unfortunately, the casino is much richer than after I left as I’m ensured the success of the casino for at least another day. Bastards! There was a lot of winning and I did a lot of losing.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

November 5th, 2008 No comments

This was a huge step for our nation and I believe it will bring about a change socially. From a government stand-point I really hope he can turn it around for us. He can put things in motion and hopefully they will be carried out during his term or even in the next term. Congrats Barack.

Of all things I hope this will be a new generation of government that will involve the interest of those that voted for and against Barack. The idea of Barack Obama to me seems of a shiny new toy, eventually the hype will die and his tactics and control will be put to the test, more so than any recent president. How many of us really paid attention to what Bush was doing till it was too late. I hope we don’t over look anything anymore, but I also hope we don’t just let our shiny new toy get buried in our toy chest with the rest of our toys. Social Rights has hit an all time high and we can all be proud of that but just as easily faulty ideas can be covered up by this hype. I’m looking forward to the new president but I believe it will take a long time to change the ways of our government.

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