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25 the new 16 ;)

October 26th, 2008 3 comments

We began Jessika’s journey of turning 25 at Mantus on Friday night. We arrived at the club around 11:30 and immediately served two bottles of Grey Goose with all the mixers we needed. As drinking commenced, the lively music began to shake Jessika’s hips and the hips of those around her. Scuba Steve was gracious enough to show us his white boy dances and the party lived on. My cousin Mike from DC decided to stay an extra night to celebrate this wonderful evening and we are so happy he did. Jeff and Geana drove all the way down from Keller after driving all over town for work to come celebrate as well. To toast Jessika’s 25th birthday we had a champagne toast and the party then ended at 2 a.m.

The drive home was one of complete embarrassment. For those that don’t know, my beloved girlfriend drives a BMW 335i and I drive a G35. Well needless to say, we got a little heavy footed, no heavy petting, heavy footed on the way home. Lets just leave it at she flashed her hazards at me. 😉


Thanks to all those that were able to make it and we hope that those that were not at the party had a safe weekend. Jessika’s Party was an extreme success and we ate, drank, and sang? Well, to sum some of the events, there was an abundance of great food prepared by Jessika and sous chef Kristen. As the beer and shots poured there was no shortage of people to talk to and although the music was a little redundant I hope that everyone enjoyed their time with us. After the majority of the party was getting their “buzz” factor on, I noticed that my grill had been taken over by Daniel and Rosco learning the ways of the grill. Grilled Oysters took over where hot dogs and burgers once simmered. There was also some jumbo prawns all brought by Brian Chang. Usually we can judge the party by the leftovers. At this party the only left overs were two hamburger patties and a small amount of beer. Once the apex of people arrived and ate, I decided it was time to do the surprise! Earlier Saturday, Mike and I drove to get a wonderful cake made by Dallas Affairs and we stashed it at Daniels apartment. Although Daniel has a bachelor pad, his fridge had a good amount of stuff so we decided to eliminate a shelf in order to accompany the massive cake box. When it was time to bring out the cake, we staged it at the foyer, lit the candles, and with a swift door opening we sang Happy Birthday to you. The look on Jessika’s face was of total shock. As far as I’m concerned the surprise cake was a complete success. After that, the night was set on cruise control till Irving’s Finest showed up. The police officer was completely nice and understood we were just having a good time. She let me know to turn it down or just move inside. We moved the party upstairs and slowly the party came to a close. I’m sure there are many memorable moments from the party, feel free to let me know what you remember =).

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Here are some of the pictures:

Her Bday Cake!

Birthday Girl and I

Jesse and an oyster

She likey the way Edwin taste!

Jesse and Chris C.

Doing some wheelies! NOT!

Sandee and Mathew with Jesse

Lana Beating Me!

Jesse and Kristen

Big Nam! Why you touching his meat?

Lana and Jesse

Pillow stack…where’s Jesse?

Twinky gets most of the bed

Thanks for making it a memorable Birthday for Jesse Everyone!

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Friday Night Lights

October 24th, 2008 No comments

Tonight is the start of Jessika’s Birthday weekend. We will be going to Mantus and having bottle service and all the fun we can. There will be good music and about 15-20 people in our group. If you are coming, no shorts, hats, and ghetto looks please. For my fun filled readers please come and join us celebrate her birthday. Call me or email if you need directions.

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Happy Birthday Jessika

October 23rd, 2008 No comments

So Today is Jessika’s Bday and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday! She is so special to me and I can’t imagine life with out her. She turns The BIG 2-5 today. You are catching up little girl!

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Jeff And Geana’s Costume Party

October 19th, 2008 No comments

After a long day at the fair Jesse and I worked our butts off to get some food together for the Halloween Party. We got our little costumes on and Jesse looked extremely sexy. We left for Keller and found a haunted house complete with fogging machine (that set off the house alarms), spider webs, ghoulish creepy spiders, and some strange man’s head caught in a bowl. Jeff’s costume was a complete surprise and needless to say, he went ALL out! Basically what I’m trying to say is, “He was rocking out with his cock out!” There was an all-star line up of celebrities including Republican(thanks Jeff ;)) Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin. There was a couple of clergy men/women to help us out for the devilish sins of the night. The hellishly good food mixed with the fabulous company made this evening very pleasant and enjoyable.

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Scarecrow cookies, more goodness from Jesse

Geana And Jessika

Brittany And Jessika

Worm Burgers, Toes, and Fingers was one of the dishes we made

Jeff’s Rock Out With His Cock Out

She usually wins the title fights!

The odd couple 😉

Strange eerie fog coming from the front door

It was a lovely night and thank you Jeff and Geana.

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