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SAN DIEGO, again!

July 15th, 2009 No comments

After Jesse and I got home from our San Diego trip a couple months ago, Lana asked us if we would like to go visit Scott H. in California! We thought it would be a great chance to see parts of San Diego that we did not get to see that last time and to visit with Scott. Ticket shopping was a good time because we got an extremely good ticket fare and an even better hotel rate. Well, enough about the pre-trip let’s talk about the trip.

We met Alynn and Noel in Decatur so they would be able to take care of the Twinkster while we were on vacation. This would be Twinky’s vacation also because he will have a huge yard and 4 other dogs to play with, not to mention all the love he would get from Alynn and Noel. So we packed our bags and my father took us to the airport in the morning. After a quick flight to LA, we picked up a rental car from Midway Rental Cars and hit the Pacific Coast Highway. The scenery was beautiful and the beaches were so picture perfect. We wanted to stop at Orachon in LA but it was in the wrong direction, so Jesse thought that we should stop at an In-and-Out Burger! What a fantastic idea! So we found one in Huntington Beach and the burger was extremely good and it was just as I had imagined it. I enjoy walking into a seriously busy place that only servers burgers and fries. If you want chicken you definitely are in the wrong place.

After stuffing our face we got onto HWY 1 and drove all the way through Laguna Hills, but the “stop and go” drove me a little crazy. The only thing that was keeping me sane was the scenery. So we hopped on the 405 and headed down to San Diego. As we arrived we stayed on the island of Coronado. I searched high and low for a good deal mixed with a fantastic view and exotic location, and the Hotel Del Coronado came up. The resort style hotel was full of history and had that “old” feel to it. It had a majestic feel and it smelled of old wood. Every valet and every employee always asked us if we need help or directions; they just seemed to really enjoy their jobs. I give the hotel 5 stars and another thumb up on service. Although the room was a bit odd, it had a very comfortable bed and the most spectacular view. The bathroom was a bit tiny but it handled all our “stuff” with class.

After we settle in and enjoyed the patio we decided to head down to the beach and take some pictures. The beach was less than 50 yards from our balcony and the sand was perfection. No big rocks, no funny trash, just clean and perfect. What more do you expect from the number 4 beach in the US. We walked back to the hotel and had some Mojitos at the Sun Deck Cafe which was very nice. We sat next to a fire pit (that wasn’t on) and we made some new friends to chit-chat with. They were two ladies on a girl’s trip from Sacramento to get away from their husbands. There was no better feeling than to have the sun going down, a mojito, and my wonderful girlfriend on a beautiful deck.

We finished up and we went to our room to freshen up before we went to meet the group. We headed north to the beach to eat some fish tacos but unfortunately the bar/restaurant that we wanted to eat at was completely packed. We headed around the corner to a little Italian type restaurant. It was yummy and it was a great start to our vacation. After, we headed to the beach at high-tide to see if we could see some of the “Grunion Run.” These little fish swim up to the beach to lay their eggs on the beach at high tide. Apparently theses little fish are some great eats since there were many people out with buckets trying to catch them. As we waited to spot them we decided to have some races. It started with a piggy back race that had 3 of 4 couples in the sand and ended with the boys and girls racing. The fastest couple beach legs belong to Nam and Leslie, girl legs was Leslie (I think) and fastest boy legs were Kevinh. (after blocking me, he says he was trying to give me the draft) We headed in after the fun on the beach to have a good head start the next morning.

We started Friday off with Hash House A Go Go close to Balboa Park and as always they delivered a fantastic breakfast! After savoring the flavors of amazing combinations of different categories of food we needed to walk all of it off. We headed to Balboa Park to see the sites the park had to offer. It is hard to express what was in the area but we have some good pictures of jumping and all sorts of fun.

Afterward, we parted ways and met back up at the Coronado Beach. As some of you know I am a total water baby! I had told Jesse that the water was too cold and I wasn’t going to get in. Upon arriving to the spot picked out, I noticed some of the guys were in the water boogie boarding. I couldn’t help myself and went and rented two more so that all four guys could boogie board all afternoon. It was an extremely fun afternoon while the girls tanned, the boys played. Scott and Nam cooked up some good Korean BBQ on the beach and Carol (Scott’s Sister) brought some more goodies from a “hole in the wall” Mexican food place. In the goodies bag was a burrito with some great verde and hot sauces. After we ate we sat out in the water waiting for the big waves. Nam went in because he was done and as he left we had back to back huge waves. As he came back in they died again, so we think he was the anti-wave. After wrapping up on the beach we decided to meet up later for some gambling.

We met up with Scott and Lana at their place and we headed to the mountains for some good ole gambling fun. When we arrived it was insane to think a massive structure could be so hidden away in the mountains. The gambling was short lived and Jesse and I had a little tiff due to lack of sensitivity regarding playing cards with my sweet girlfriend. Well needless to say it was an interesting night and we spent half of the next day figuring it out. Therefore, we missed out on a trip with the gang to Santa Ana. Jesse had expressed that she would like to go on a Segway tour because we saw some in Balboa Park. So, in order to suck-up, I asked her if she would like to go on the tour. Of course she said “NO!, you idiot” or something along those lines 😉 But eventually her want of riding the Segway got the best of her. She looked around and booked a tour around the island of Coronado because it is almost too much to walk. So we headed to downtown to try our hand at the speedy little buggers.

When we arrived at “Another Side of San Diego Tours” (Gaslamp Segway) we had no idea what we were in for. The staff of Another Side of San Diego Tours was amazing and at no point did I ever feel overwhelmed. It was great that we had our guide named James (Jimbo) to ourselves and he showed us a lot of Coronado and he was prepared with water and snacks for the ferry ride. He won’t admit it but he hit a bush, Jesse and I saw it. He was a funny, witty, and a great tour guide. I highly recommend a Segway tour for anyone that wants to see the sites and don’t want to walk all over the place. The machines are extremely easy to handle and even easier to learn. Jesse after she shook her nerves on them was hauling ass everywhere on the way back to the office.

We headed back to our hotel and got ready to meet up with the gang. We were running a little late but we caught up to them at a little sushi restaurant called Niban. The sushi was fresh, tasty, and super cheap! Later on we tried to walk around the Gas Lamp area but after trying to find parking we decided to move on and go to Karaoke. The group was shy at first but it turned into a “who can sing more” competition. After a few hours of singing we said our goodbyes and headed separate ways. Jesse had been a flawless navigator till this particular evening. About 20 minutes in the right direction but just a little too far we almost ended up in the “kidnap, shot, killed” zone of Tijuana. As she corrected our course we noticed that we could see TJ from the highway we were on. We arrived at home and completely crashed out on the bed.

Our plans were to go to the infamous Hotel Del Sunday Brunch. This brunch had everything you could possibly imagine and it was so fresh that it was worth every penny! Oddly, there happened to be a Hotel Del employee protest outside of the windows of our brunch. There was a wonderful roast, deserts, crab, fruits, eggs, omelets, and much much much more!

After brunch we headed out of town because we had some plans in LA. We made reservations the night before at the Omni in downtown. Jesse wanted to see if we could do some “star” hunting and we were told Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills would be a sure fire place to see one. Family made some reservations and we headed there at 8:00. In a completely inconspicuous place we saw the sign for Matsuhisa Restraunt. We pulled into the adjacent parking lot and we were completely WOW’ED. Some of the first cars we saw were an Aston Martin DBS along with numerous Mercedes and BMW’s, along with a few Lamborghini’s. Walking into the inconspicuous place it was almost a hole in the wall with a serious kick of Japanese flavor. We ordered a sake sampler and our ordered our meal OMAKASE style. Apparently there are different levels of Omakase (which in turn means whatever you want to make for us) so we decided on the middle level. This was a seven course meal that was AMAZING. I will let the pictures do the talking; unfortunately, Jesse and I were so excited to eat some of the courses that we forgot to take pictures. We also did not see any famous people =(. After dinner we headed to Rodeo Drive (the wrong one first, I’m assuming the first one we went to was Rodeo as in cow herding drive) and went to see all the homes on Wilshire. My conclusion is that there is WAY too much money in the area when the beaters are considered Mercedes Benz’s.

We headed back to the hotel and headed out the next day. We met Alynn and Noel and picked up our little son and called it a day. I’m sure there will be some future edits but here are some pictures.

Click Here For The Album!

The picture perfect beach view from our patio.

The Sun Deck Restaurant with the great Mojitos.

The Twinkster will always be with us.

Jesse with our awesome hotel.

The hotel.

Us on the Sun Deck.

On the beach trying to catch Grunion.
If you look closely you can see we are all dusting ourselves off from falling.

The second try.

The fish we were trying to catch.

Trying to catch those little buggers.

Hash House A Go Go.

The Madness!

Some lighting fun with Jesse’s leftovers that Nam took down.

Jesse liked this picture so I posted it for her.

Sucking down a Mojito.

Balboa Park…Landscape can be fun!

Especially like this…



Jesse and I having some fun.

Scott and Lana.

Girl Pyramid.

Girls Jumping!

Boys jumping.

Kevinh and Lana.

My pretty.

The ladies.

In the museum.

She is so pretty.

Loving the beach!

Our tour guide James!


Picture Perfect … see the poster 😉

Sing it babe!

The room brunch is held in.

Another view of the brunch.

The center of our hotel!

Jesse getting some speed on the segway!

Mohawks are for cool segway people.

Here are my iPhone pics at this location

There are more pictures so click here for the album!

Weekends of Fun!

June 4th, 2009 1 comment

I had no idea May would be such a thriller of a month. This last month held my mothers 59th birthday and fish fry at the Terry’s House in Wichita Falls, FC Dallas, Byron Nelson and a bunch of miscellaneous parties. We had much to do to prepare for all events. After much debate about what to do for dinner on the night of my mother’s birthday we decided to have a family steak night at our place. Therefore the grill was lit and the steaks were seasoned and Jesse made some of her famous sides. As our guests arrived the house had a nice glow and was squeaky clean. We proceeded to dinner and everything went so well and I felt it was one of our better dinners.

Later that night we finished preparing a cake for Kristen’s 25th birthday and it was no easy feat. This cake was already 2 days in the making and hours of hearing the mixer in the kitchen drone on during my season finale of Grey’s, I was ready to finish it. As Saturday morning arrived we packed up and headed to Wichita Falls and had an amazing weekend with amazing food and fun. The usual Yankee horseshoes and other games were scattered across the yard. Needless to say the beer was flowing and I think I passed out around 10:30. There was much more so please look at the pictures.

We also went to an FC Dallas game that was so amazing and such a thrill. We met some very nice people that loved to travel and we were completely amazed by it all. Jarrett one of our newest neighbors, also came out as he enjoys watching futbol. Austin and Paige were cute as always and thank you for inviting us. Everyone that was there was more than gracious and I think Jesse might have found a new fan. He quite enjoyed her burps and her knowledge of soccer!

Then there was our Pho making encounters and some other fun time events. I will try to keep my blog up to date. SINCE most of you like pictures I will put up some of my favorites!

BUT Click Here for all the albums to just view!

Jesse outside our Pho – Party!
Scuba’s Moto – Pho – Party!

Jesse’s Bowl of Yummy Goodness – Pho – Party!

Haley Smiling Ear To Ear! Byron

The smiling couple =) Byron

I don’t remember his name (Mike’s Nephew), BUT so CUTE Byron

Jesse having fun with one of the pups Byron

Nanook and Twinks Done! Post-Byron

Daniel and Jesse with the pups! Post-Byron

Great Party, Thanks Nam Family – Byron

The die hard soccer fans – FC Dallas

Jesse and I – FC Dallas

Paige and Jesse on the Hummmaaaaaa. – FC Dallas

Austin cheering the beer? – FC Dallas

Tail Gating is always fun – FC Dallas

My favorite photog … Kind of ish.

Little Lexi – Fish Fry

Top of Jesse’s Cake For Kristen – Fish Fry

Tristan out the doggie door – Fish Fry

My parents – Our house

Dad smelling my mother’s bday gift – Our House

My sister’s present to my mother – Our House

There is so much story to all the pictures and I wish I would have kept up with what was going on by blogging. I will do my best from now on to make sure I keep up with my daily picture life!

Thanks again for reading.

Things that are really making me mad lately.

April 17th, 2009 1 comment

My rant for this day is very confusing but I have a lot on my mind.

I’m sure if you watch the news you hear about dumb things about taxes, government, and politics. If you haven’t heard anything about it then you could be stupid and should eat a bowl of hair.

First, I would like to start with the “Tea Parties” that happened all over the country. The tea parties signify the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which was not because of taxation by government but “a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because they believed that it violated their constitutional right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives.” (wiki)

However, I do understand the symbolism that this protest withholds. I for one do not enjoy paying taxes but I do understand that it is my fiduciary duty to do so as a law-abiding citizen of the United States. With that said I’m not a conservative or a liberal, but I do enjoy different aspects of both parties. My question comes in a form of “didn’t we tell you.” Didn’t we tell you that Obama’s approach to his “projects” would cost tax payers more money. I didn’t see one tax break yet except in the form of a first-time home buyer tax credit if you make less than 90k a year or 250k for married people. IF Obama wanted to seriously help the economy there would be one step that would solve it all… LOWER TAXES, Shrink Government. Now this may seem novel to many people, but think about it. Most government officials make ummm 3-4 times the amount of the average HOUSEHOLD income of $50,233.00. Not only that, we are spending money on wars we can no longer afford and on BAIL OUTS that we shouldn’t do. All the while Obama is apologizing to the World that we are messed up. WTF! Take some pride in your country. Obama shakes hands with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez after Chavez called him dumb and said so many terrible things about the US. I would have just punched him.

Back to taxes… Less is more is always a better option than more is more. Less taxes means people will spend more money thus creating jobs. More taxes which causes more people to stop spending money equals more people not working. Why do we need to bail out the corporations that failed our country and it’s citizens? If American’s would just simply not buy stuff we can’t afford and living on borrowed money we would be in a much better position. Does it mean that the people that stayed conservative and knew what they could do and afford have to pay taxes which in turn help everyone that purchased what they could not afford? I would like to help those people that are honestly trying and have been affected, but I’m not about helping banks and other companies that did not care in the first place.

The Government just seems to be a SUV in a Green World guzzling all the gas while we feed the bill for it. We should not be scared of our governments but they should be scared of the US. I heard they are going to release Obama’s Tax Return tomorrow and there are already allegations that it is fake. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Btw… Janeane Garofalo … you are one dumb person that still views the world in black and white. Obermann must really be hurting to find people to watch his shows to get those ads to pay out for him.

Second thing that pisses me off today. I happen to think Miley Cirus is a very talented young singer (and pretty) and to be brought down by Jamie Foxx and company is completely shameful on JF and Co. If you haven’t seen this then youtube it. Why is there such a double-standard! Don Imus gets fired and Jamie Fox’s apology just gets accepted! DUDE, THE NAACP would be all over this if it was about a black singer or actress getting bashed by Kidd Kraddick. I mean really and the apology was BS he was laughing most of the way through it.
Kudos for Billy Ray for being such a gentleman on Bonnie Hunt and having some class. Grow-up “comedians” and own up and make things right by giving a real apology… TO HER FACE! Real classy group of people that have to go around making fun of a 16 year old girl telling her to make a porno and do drugs. I would have blown up his studio if he said that about my daughter.

K I’m done… Sorry for the rant and for the crappy structure to my blog. If it made no sense, it probably is a good thing.

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