Back In Town From Playa Del Carmen

April 29th, 2012 No comments

I will update the photos very soon! It was an amazing trip!

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Craftsman 4-Ton Low-Profile Floor Jack is KAPUT!

June 17th, 2010 1 comment

So last week I attempted to bleed the brakes on the Twinky truck (Tahoe) and trying to lift the rear end of the beast the jack spewed gross amounts of oil all over the floor. I jump under the truck to clean it up and become extremely mad that this happened, again! Two years of not really lifting anything shouldn’t warrant a product that fails when you really need it. So now I can not replace it under warranty for a crap product. Probably won’t go back to purchase craftsman but here is the letter I wrote them.

What a POS.

Dear Craftsman Team Member,

I am a devoted fan, loyal patron, returning consumer of the Craftsman Brand. I am, however, extremely disappointed with the floor jack I purchased. The initial 4-ton Professional Craftsman Low Profile Jack I had purchased from a Sears outlet here in Irving, TX worked extremely well until it sprung a leak while trying to lift a family vehicle. This product had worked perfect the 2 times I had used it prior to this incident. Upon further inspection of why the floor jack was not working, there was hydraulic oil all over the concrete in the vicinity of the main unit of the jack. At this time it was only 6 months after my initial purchase therefore I just chalked it up to being a defective unit and returned to Sears and was issued a brand new one. Note that I am just a do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance man for 4 family automobiles and I have no real purpose to use it on two of the vehicles as they are covered under a service plan from the manufacturer. The point I am making is that I do not use the floor jack more than once a month at most!
Last week as I went to bleed the brakes for my truck using my steady Craftsman Cross-Force wrenches, Craftsman tire wrench, Craftsman Breaker Bar, Craftsman gloves, and other various craftsman tools, the jack no longer would lift portions of my Chevy Tahoe. A 4-ton jack should have no problem lifting any portion of this vehicle. Well, as before, the jack had sprung a leak under the main unit. This problem came to fruition after two years of extremely minimal use. Maintenance- wise I have completely flushed and bled the system and kept proper care of this unit for the two years. Every time I am in the garage I will pump it a few times to be sure the seals were well lubed.

I returned to Sears to have them fix the problem unit or replace it when I was made aware that there was only a one year warranty on floor jacks. I am not sure I understand how I have a life-time warranty on my cross force wrenches valued at over $120 per set but yet my floor jack that does not get any use fails after a few uses, fails?
My loyalty is questioned and my trust in the Craftsman brand has been mistreated and unless there is some resolve there will be no other option but for me to purchase other competitors products. Please understand that it would be nearly impossible to rid my garage of craftsman products but stability is everything in products and tools. After-all, your motto is “Trust. In your hands.”
I request at least an audience with your customer support staff to make this correct and after all; the ratings on this product throughout various sites are poor. Give me the chance to upgrade to another product, replace this product to correct this poor product, or issue me a gift card to sears where I can purchase other Craftsman products.
Customer in question,
Edwin Kim

Annual Byron Nelson Party

May 25th, 2010 No comments

Every year the Nam’s (David, Tommy, Mr and Mrs. Nam) cordially open their house to friends and family for the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. The family house sits on the 2nd hole’s open fairway. This year there was a DJ, food, drinks, fun, and of course chillax-ing. I’m sure all the pictures will do the talking but it was fantastic to see some old faces and meet some new ones. These have my photography label on them, but honestly I think I took like 3/4s of the pictures.

Link to the ENTIRE album for this party

Again, check out the rest of the pictures here.

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May’s Baby Shower

May 18th, 2010 No comments

Although the last couple of weekends have been ridiculously busy, we managed to make it to an important shower in Dallas. May, congratulations and we wish you the best!

This link will take you to the whole album!

Here are some of my favorites:

Remember, This link will take you to the whole album!

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